Atlantis Word Processor 2.0.5

Atlantis Word Processor has all the features you need to create simple documents or great works of literature. The Atlantis interface is entirely customizable: menus, toolbars, hot keys, colors and sounds can all be adjusted to suit your own requirements. Make eBooks for a living, or just create eBooks to read on any device. Turn any document into an eBook with just a few mouse clicks! Last but not least, Atlantis Word Processor is compact, stable, and it loads and works very fast.
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begin page numbering where I want it to begin.

I want to begin page numbering where I want it to begin. I want to specify which page in document to begin numbering so it corresponds to table of contents information.
unruly, 09.03.2017, 14:16
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Let me finish!

Atalantis seems to me to be an excellent programme but it lacks one feature that to me is vital and without it it is useless to me. It does not support RTL! I do most of my work in mixed English (LTR) and Hebrew (RTL) and am surprised that...
A.S., 12.03.2017, 18:01